Meet Our Team

 Ashley Patchen Ashley, owner of Alchemy of Movement, has been teaching Zumba for over 8 years throughout multiple locations on the front range. She started teaching Zumba after falling in love with world rhythms while performing and competing in Salsa, Bachata, and Bollywood. Her classes have elements of hip hop, samba, bachata, bollywood, bhangra, zouk, kizomba, and of course the Latin rhythms normally encountered in a Zumba class (salsa, cumbia, merengue, reggaeton). She has a MA in Applied mathematics from CU Boulder and a BA in mathematics and Spanish from Nazareth College in Rochester, NY.

Maria Cooper’s background as a musician has given way to a new exploration of music and movement through SoulSweat. Maria brings an earthy, grounded foundation to her classes while also creating a fiery, high-energy fiery experience that is a great workout.  Maria adds a sacred element, focusing on a devoted connection to the body. Her soulful routines allow you to sink into rhythm-driven music, ranging from Arabic, Latin, and Trip-Hop, to African, Pop and Electronica.

 Hannah Kinderlehrer is an embodied meditation teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist community. She is a dance teacher, workshop facilitator, chronic illness coach through Rise and Thrive Coaching, and choreographer. She is a graduate of the Peacemaker Institute, Naropa University and the Hakomi Institute for Mindfulness Centered Somatic Psychotherapy. She lives in Boulder with her composer husband and their breakdancing son. Her passion is supporting people on their journey to embodiment and loving their lives from the inside out.

Tori Sherman is welcoming and brings a wide variety of dance experience to her classes. She includes African, hip hop, jazz and and umistakable cheerfulness to her choreography, which is inviting and attainable for people at all levels. Tori started teaching in June of 2013 after years of attending classes at Alchemy. She left corporate life to pursue the more creative and expressive aspects of her life and is grateful to share the dance!

Sarah Jane Romano brings her technical and world dance training to the Alchemy mix. With a decade of teaching experience and a passion for the groove, Sarah Jane hails from New York where she grew up dancing in traditional ballet, jazz and tap classes. She eventually moved to the world of Nia and Zumba, and finally broke out on her own funky path to incorporate her Hip-Hop roots and embrace her passion for African, Afro-Cuban, Latin and Eastern dance.

Julia Buonanno has been teaching Soul Sweat in Boulder since 2015. She brings great energy, joy, and freedom to her classes and strives to share it with each of her dancers. Dance has been an integral part of her life since she was a child, weaving in and out of many of her life experiences, keeping her both grounded and inspired, and aiding in her personal growth.

She believes strongly in the power of dance to transform and heal. “Thru group choreography we have a unique opportunity to dance in community and find a strength bigger than ourselves. Learning choreography and repeating it is similar to learning a new language. We give ourselves the space to learn the language at our own pace and reap the rewards as we feel it fall into place over time. In my classes choreography is the launching point. Once we have learned the basics I hope to show all my dancers the freedom waiting for us as we discover our own creativity/style in our dance and uncover what feels best in our own bodies. Again and again we find ourselves pushing up against our boundaries and then dancing beyond them.”

Jill Emich brings a dynamic class with uplifting music and themes. Dance has always been a way of stoking her inner fire and she is excited guide you to connect with yours through high energy moves, strengthening and lengthening cool downs and an all around good time. She blends all styles of dance, connecting you to your heart so you can Shine from within. Jill is the founder of Shine Restaurant and Potion Bar and Shine Potions in Boulder Colorado and the author of lifestyle cookbook Eat Drink Shine. She believes in transformation and healing through movement and community and is excited to be part of the Alchemy Team!

Chayenne Theberge has been trained in a variety of dance techniques, ranging from West African to Ballet. Using her eclectic background to inspire her choreography, Chayenne has a range of Latin styles such as Brazilian Funk, Reggaeton, and Bachata Trap. After instructing high school mathematics, Chayenne teaches Zumba to inspire strength and confidence within dancers from all experience levels.

Nancy Linsley was introduced to The Feldenkrais Method® of Movement Education after many years of searching for someone/something that could help her with her chronic back pain. After few sessions with the Feldenkrais practitioner, her pain was gone. With the practitioner’s help, Nancy discovered unconscious habits she had of holding muscles tight, learned to release them, which relieved her pain. Inspired, she completed the 4-year training course and has been teaching clients in the practice for over 16 years. Her hope is to empower people, giving them the tools to improve their bodies, their brains and their life. Nancy is also a ceramic artist and works with her husband in their business – Art Drenched Life.

Cassidy Lee is a beautiful aerial dancer and shares her dancing expertise with the Alchemy community! Come check out her class!

Alyssa Sawyer Alyssa’s passion is teaching people how to become their own doctor by instilling a mind-body education to allow for individual health to unfold. Through her background as a CHEK coach and osteopathic based movement/therapy, she works to help people improve their own lives, cultivate self love, stay out of pain, achieve their goals and live a life of fulfillment. As a health coach she integrates a combination of different approaches to instill proper movement back into the body, create joint decompression, move emotions for self healing and improve overall wellbeing of everyone who steps into her Fascial Flow class!

Cindy Brandle is the Artistic Director of the Cindy Brandle Dance Company.  Cindy danced for ten years with the Chicago Moving Company and served as Co-Artistic Director with founder Nana Shineflug for five of those years. Her work has been presented all over Chicago, The Dance Center of Columbia College, throughout Illinois, the Midwest and in Rio de Janeiro and Salvador, Brazil. Since relocating to Boulder, Brandle’s work has been produced at the University of Colorado, Boulder department of Dance, The Denver Independent Choreographer’s Project, twice in the Boulder International Fringe Festival and numerous self-produced dance events. Cindy lives with her beautiful family, Ashay and Akasha, and their little Shih Tzu Sami.

Jackie Diner is a Black Belt Nia Teacher, previous Nia Training Faculty, a Certified Melt Instructor and an Early Childhood Educator. She worked in Early Childhood for 35 years, has been teaching Nia for 15 years and sharing the healing benefits of the Melt Method for six years. Jackie has spent her life dedicated to the health and well-being to people of all ages and energetically strives to lift everyBody to find a lifetime of strength, joy and peace in every piece of their being.
Beth Burcham, Soul Sweat teacher,  has been involved with dance, movement, and Yoga for over three decades. Beth is a certified yoga instructor and has been teaching dance fitness since 2012, currently teaching at Rally Sport as well as Alchemy. She is experienced  in African Dance, Modern Dance, Contact Improvisational Dance, Gabriele Roth’s 5 Rhythms, Vinyasa Yoga, Women’s Yoga. Beth a full time licensed psychotherapist, since 1990, specializing in PTSD, complex trauma and major mental illness.
Sasha Price will be teaching GROOV3, a one hour, high-energy, dance-til-you-drop cardio funk class at Alchemy. She began her dance journey at the age of 9 at Tucson School of Ballet, where she quickly advanced to join their Regional Senior Company. After a few years in advanced ballet, she decided to immerse herself in jazz, contemporary and hip hop and eventually fitness. She eventually worked as a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer at world renowned Health Resort, Canyon Ranch. It was there where Sasha was introduced to belly dance, African, Samba and East Indian Bhangra, finding an entirely new passion in the world of dance. Welcome to Sasha!

Chantel IronWing has always been moving to the beat of what surrounds her. She fell in love with Zumba® Fitness when cross-training for her first marathon in 2011. She has been teaching Zumba since 2013 and incorporates the international rhythms that make Zumba unique! She loves that it is accessible to everyone in all stages of fitness and ability. The regggaeton, dance hall, hip-hop and Soca flavors are her favorite. Zumba and dance gives her an outlet to be free, creative, and move in ways she didn’t think possible, and it is her passion to give that permission to her students to just be free in a non-judgement zone and get a great workout at the same time!